Estar Technologies in manufacturing the Tropocells® Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) systems. These are innovative and promising autologous approaches in tissue regeneration. PRP is defined as a concentrated preparation of platelets in a small volume of plasma, which owes its therapeutic interest to the instrumental role of growth factors released by platelets granules. PRF is a polymerized fibrin scaffold consists of large quantity of platelets growth factors and mediators, generated following platelets activation which are then trapped in this matrix.

PRP and PRF are known to promote physiological healing and rapid soft and hard tissue regeneration by delivering high concentrations of growth factors essential for connective tissue healing; regenerating and repairing bone, promoting development of new blood vessels, stimulating wound healing etc.

PRP and PRF participate in oral and maxillofacial surgery via:

v  Bone Healing in Sinus lift procedures

v  Stimulation of Bone Regeneration

v  Gingival healing and remodeling

v  Osseointegration of implant

v  Regeneration of peri-implant bone defects by:

  • combination with MSC and bone biomaterials
  • covering the bone regenerative area and stimulating soft tissue healing
  • antibacterial and inflammation regulatory activity
  • Stimulating soft and hard tissue regeneration and avoiding a postsurgical osteonecrosis in patients with reduced healing potential.